Hire Birth Equipment

Hire a range of birthing equipment from us — you can hire online by clicking the ‘hiring info’ button and selecting the number of days you want to hire an individual item for. Feel free to contact me for hiring multiple/bespoke packages and I’ll work out a deal for you.

Birthing Pool + Accessories

Our La Bassine Maxi Professional Birth Pool Deluxe Kit includes 12 items, including everything you need to inflate, fill, and empty a birth pool.

Cue Birthing Stool

The CUB can be used throughout labour as a comfortable support, either to sit on, rest on or lean over as well as to give birth to the baby on, squatting with support, all fours supported, asymmetrical kneeling.

Digital Baby Scale – Cupid 1

This electronic baby scale has been designed to help you monitor the growth of your baby. It is able to show how much milk has been given – particularly important with breast fed babies who are recording poor growth.

TENS Machine Hire

Hire my professional TENS machine for pain relief during labour. See all the details and easily book online—includes express post both ways.

Additional TENS Pads

Sealed packet of 4 large TENS pads, each measuring 50 x 90mm

Hand Woven Robozo

Hand Woven Rebozo is a traditional Mexican Shawl, which is long enough to wrap around a woman’s body and can be used in pregnancy and labour by midwives, doulas and support people to encourage the baby into an optional position and to provide the woman comfort.

Rebozo Door Anchor and Birth Support Rope

The newest TRX Carabiner Steel and Birth Support Rope combo set is an essential birth equipment tool helping you have an active birth.

Galaxy Light

The Galaxy Globe Projector engages you in the celestial sphere with the touch of a button, immersing you in the universe and transforming your room into your very own galactic oasis.

Birth Sling

This product has been lovingly created to support women to have physiologic birth in which ever setting they chose to birth in.

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