The name She Births® often brings up questions for people; wondering if the course is only for women. The course is for pregnant women and their birth partner; we welcome all families at She Births®; solo mums, same sex couples, elective c-section and elective epidural mums. And of course, partners and birth support people play a very significant and active role during the course.

She is about the masculine and feminine principles at play during birth, as well as our bespoke approach. We do not prescriptively dictate how birth ‘should be’, feel like, or look like as it is such a unique experience for everyone…only She can find that out for herself.

Apart from the obvious fact that only She can give birth, it is also She as a feminine strength that is awoken during this awesome rite of passage into motherhood, via a process of surrendering, trusting and letting go. This is a time where a rise in our feminine power is found.

Just like there is a balance of Yin and Yang however, there is also a He within the She, a journey that is taken together. All families can awaken to aspects of strength and surrender, support and presence, both the masculine and feminine principles become more alive within each of us.

Through the challenge of birth we have an opportunity to connect to a deeper, stronger, clearer and more powerful part of ourselves. We can travel into the unknown and learn how to trust Nature while feeling profoundly connected to our partners and our babies. Ultimately the rite of passage is a strengthening foundation for all families.

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